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Product Description

A proven variation of our standard half size crystal can relay incorporates improved current carrying paths to provide 5 ampere switching.

The design is supported by our standard qualified military relays and their continued testing programs, together with the latest metallurgical innovations in contact materials and current carrying members. Reliability, product consistency and low cost are maintained through our volume production techniques.

The following construction features ensure the highest reliability in extreme environments:

  • All welded relay construction
  • Cleaning and sealing techniques ensures maximum internal cleanliness
  • 5 amperes switching
  • 2 form C, DPDT contacts, special metal alloy with gold plating
  • Frame, armature designs and force / mass ratio provides exceptional immunity to shock and vibration.


Out of Stock: please contact HI-G Relays
  • Standard Delivery: 4/6 wks a.r.o.

  • Country of Origin: Italy

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